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Our Staff

Our Team

Johnathon Tyler
School Director/ School Recruitment Representative

Graduated from American Intercontinental University with a Bachelors degree in Business with a Specialization in Management in 2015.

Rosanna Benjamin
Director of Education/Instructor

Graduated from Houston Community College with a certificate as a dental assisting in 2004.

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Smart Smile LLC has over a decade of experience in the Dental Industry.  Our experience includes, but not limited to, managing dental staff, working with many specialties; (Periodontists, Orthodontists, Endodontists, Oral Surgeons, and Pedodontists).  Many years in performing General dentistry activities, including impressions, X-Rays, Decontamination, Temporary Crowns, routine preventative care and Instrumentation recognition.

  • Periodontists– assist the doctor with educating and preforming different procedures for patients such as periodontal disease, sinus lifts, gingival flaps, osseous surgery, pedicle grafts, gum grafts
  • Orthodontists– assist the doctor in educating the importance of braces/Invisalign to help more the teeth to avoid TMJ issues, incorrect bites and get the prefect smile requested
  • Endodontists– Assist the doctor in educating and performing root canals to help save the teeth and avoid problems in the near future of having missing teeth.
  • Oral Surgeons– Assist the doctor with educating and assisting with different procedures such as extractions using IV sedation, Implants, sinus lifts, gum grafts, and biopsies
  • Pedodontists– Assist the doctor and help educate kids about preventative care and different procedures such as pulpotomies, stainless steel crowns, filings, and extractions


8540 Broadway St. Suite 108 Pearland, TX 77584

Email: info4dentalassisting@gmail.com

Phone: 713-315-0419; 832-526-0825

Website: www.thesmartsmiledental.com